Innovative Environmental Education

This program aims to raise the level of environmental awareness by developing traditional environmental education methods and using attractive and different learning methods which help to create a positive relationship between students and the surrounding environment. The program has a number of activities and projects including ...; (i) Connecting with Nature: a project that seeks to introduce the natural and biological diversity found in Sudan through interactive outdoor activities, (ii) The Environmental Writer; an activity that aims to encourage young students to write articles on environmental topics, (iii) Environmental Learning Symposium, an activity to foster regular dialogue between environmentalists and those who work in the education sector to agree on practical ways to integrate environment into the different learning phases.

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Environmental Citizenship

Enhancing the role of individuals, society, and institutions in protecting and preserving the environment. This includes raising the sense of responsibility towards environmental issues by spreading environmental culture and providing citizens with the skills and knowledge that will lead to environmental reform. The program includes a number of activities...such as Environmental Citizenship Award (an annual award aimed at highlighting personal / group / institutional initiatives in the field of environmental reform) and Environmental Housh Forums (regular forums that are organized at neighbourhoods discussing various environmental issues that face the targeted areas)

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Media and Documentation

Documenting Sudanese environmental knowledge, and all the environmental activities that aim to raise community awareness of various important environmental issues. Sharing knowledge through print and broadcast media and the internet. One of the key projects under this program is the Documentation of Local Environmental Knowledge ‘‘DLEK’’: a project that aims to document the available traditional knowledge in Sudan to preserve this heritage and make the best use of it.

Human and institutional capacity building

To raise the capabilities of the Center's membership and youth interested in the environment in gaining all the skills and knowledge for environmental work. Key activities under this program are the Personal Development Sessions (PDS) which are a series of training sessions that cover different basic skills and knowledge to develop the capacity of our members.